Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 and 35

We've been doing a lot of celebrating and remembering lately...Todd and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary last week! We were in Florida, so Todd brought me out on a dinner sunset cruise while grandma and grandpa watched Uriah!!! It was soooo nice and dinner was yummy :) The water, sky, scenery were all so beautiful too! It was fun remembering our wedding day and honeymoon!! I look forward to many years ahead! (I'll post some pics soon)
And today is Todd's birthday, YEA!! We are recovering from a storm that just hit us, but we are okay. We actually had a few days off work together this past week, so that was nice :) The ocean is starting to calm down now. I am going to fix steaks for dinner tonight and try my luck with a key lime pie for a get together tomorrow after church. Hope it turns out good! We are going to get a couple's massage next weekend too :) Should be fun!! And with the holidays quickly approaching, we are making more plans and getting things together for family to come visit! Looking forward to it; the holidays should be lots of fun this year!


Jo said...

Happy Anniversary! : )