Saturday, September 12, 2009


time is flying by! we are having some nice cooler weather this past week; we are really enjoying it! starting to feel like fall is right around the corner. i am always sad to see summer go, but my favorite season of the year is fall, by far!

we have been celebrating a lot of semptember birthdays around here, more celebrations to come! today is my dad's bday...Happy Birthday Dad, wish we were there in Texas to celebrate with you. for all you september babies, happy birthday to you too! enjoy!

uriah is getting so big. once any little one starts walking, they just grow up. wow...too fast! he is walking so great! he started trying to jump yesterday too :) too cute! he is getting lots of teeth and will eat anything, yea! tonight at dinner he ate a lot of asparagus!! he does a lot of signing to let me know what he wants, but this week he started talking a lot more, trying to repeat what i say. we are so proud of him!

hope everyone reading is well also. I leave you with a picture of my boys. God bless